UF5600 Ultrasonic Polisher and kit

UF5600 Ultrasonic Polisher and kit

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UF5600 Ultrasonic polisher and kit.  Designed to replace all the hand polishing operations

Offers a dual system of both ultrasonic and minitor functions which must be used independently.

Kit includes:

UF5600 power module

1 X Handpiece

4 X Diamond files

3 X Resin bonded diamond stones

2 each of 6 ceramic stones

3 X Diamond stones

5 X tool clamps

1 X adaptor (6mm to 4mm thread)

4 X wrenches (8mm, 2 X 10mm, 12mm)

 1 X allen key

1 X power cord

1 X replacement fuse

1 X handpiece rest

1 X Set of protective earplugs

2 X protective sleeves for handpiece

1 X Toolbox

1 X wooden case for handpiece

1 X power cord for handpiece